Stellar Moons

by Polus

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released September 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Polus Novi, Michigan

We're Polus, a progressive rock band. We have each played our instruments for many years and are passionate about our craft. We are dedicated to creating quality music that anyone can enjoy.

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Track Name: Stellar Moons
[Verse 1]
in a night of stellar moons
a war on consciousness shall come
a war in which armies cease to exist
a war within your mind

surrealism is dominant
here and now
prepare for the ultimate nightmare soon to come
let the dreams become weird and wild
while here there are no rules, no rules

let the fantasy guide your mind
let the fantasy guide your soul
in the land of dreams there is no return

[Verse 2]
in the fray you come appear
the poisons become awful dear
crawling thoughts come in to dissipate
the adolescent comforts late

utter shame you’ve come upon
you’ve been blinded by this burning sun
can’t you be a little more less
like a youth in finesse

Track Name: Flesh to Carbon
[Verse 1]
a burning ensues
that the null is after
and the null is eternal
and the null is life

every fire begins with heat
and ends with nothing
every death begins with life
and ends with nothing

[Verse 2]

let gravity fall
upon your eyelids
let nature take its course
upon your eyelids

a child was born
to end with nothing
and bodies were grown
to end with nothing
Track Name: Requiem
[Verse 1]
I am thin now and there’s so much left unsaid
a thousand colors, a million mothers, a million dead
am I dead now there’s so much I wanted to do
so much living, so much loving, so much life

[Chorus] 2x
can we stop now
can we stop now

[Verse 2]
where were you mother I miss your arms inept
I need comfort, I need hope, I need help
where was God here the darkness swells the bone
where was God
where was God

Chorus 2x

[Verse 3]
why did the man do this terrible thing to me
why did he fire out the bullets, puncture me
why did this happen, I feel I've been quite good
where was mother, where was God
where was this good

Chorus 2x
Track Name: The Fall
I find in the brighter days
the slightest haze
that obfuscates

I see in the darker nights
the brighter lights
that fades from sight

I need to be what I cannot see
I need more time
I feel so blind

when I reach the mountaintop
I always drop
I always drop